Over the years, vast areas of the state have been subjected to severe winter storms. This storm caused extensive damage to trees and woodlands across the state. Below is information to help you address storm damage to your woodlands.

This website provides information for woodland owners that effected by ice damage. The website contains the following pages:

  • Photo Guide for Assessing Storm Damage: The photo guide contains a number of pictures of trees of a number of species common to woodlands in Kentucky with a range of damage. Recommendations are provided for each photo regarding the loss of timber value, if timber should be salvaged and when, and a recommendation about the potential of the tree as it relates to long-term management.

  • Publications:  The publication page contains links to a number of publications useful to woodland owners. These publications are developed specifically to deal with aspects of Kentucky’s storms.
    • safety in storm damaged woodlands including ice, tornados, etc.
    • how to evaluate loss of timber value
    • tax information
    • how to care for storm damaged trees
    • salvage and improvement harvests

      Recent 2012 publications:
      FORFS 12-3 Storm Damage - Safety in the Woods
      This publication will help to keep you safe in storm-damaged woodlands and while clearing tree debris from roads, trails, and fences. 

      FORFS 12-4 - Storm Damage - Timber Salvage Decisions
      This fact sheet is provided to help you make decisions regarding timber losses associated with storm damage. If timber value loss is significant, a salvage operation may be warranted as well as claiming a tax loss.

  • Webinars: The Webinar page provides links to webinars that were run in 2009 on the ice damage. 

  • Where to Get HelpWhere can you go to get help with your ice-damaged woodlands? Click on the links below for information:
    Kentucky Division of Forestry (KDF) 
    Contact the Kentucky Division of Forestry for assessment of woodland ice damage. Service foresters can assess damage and develop a Stewardship Plan to help manage short-term and long-term forest health. 

    Kentucky Association of Consulting Foresters
    Consulting foresters can provide assistance with salvage harvesting and casuality loss deductions.

    County Cooperative Extension Offices
    If you need publications or assistance contacting a KDF or consulting forester, go to your county Cooperative Extension Office for assistance.

For more information, contact the webmaster,  UK Department of Forestry Extension at forestry.extension@uky.edu